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A life to make everyone more colorful. 

Abstract work just happens. Of course, over time you learn more about the nature of colors and how you can use them to achieve the desired effect. However, it is rather the switching off of thoughts and indulging in the play of colors that fascinates me about this painting process.

Art creates emotions and can be a catalyst for more. 

An artistic way of working that I am currently exploring.

Sustainable colors and upcycling are also fun.

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Seit meinem 10. Lebensjahr, gefördert durch die Kunstschule Wiesbaden, male und verkaufe ich, 
Seit 2017 lebe und erschaffe ich Kunst in Berlin. Als ausgebildete Kunsthistorikerin kuratiere ich Ausstellungen, schaffe Räume zum Austausch und male live in der Berliner Kunstszene.

I have been painting and selling since I was 10 years old, encouraged by the art school in Wiesbaden, 
Since 2017 I live and create art in Berlin. As a trained art historian, I curate exhibitions, create spaces for exchange and paint live in the Berlin art scene.

and artsy CV

Early engagement with the medium of color; especially: watercolor, chalk and acrylic paints

From 1999 years of attending a painting school in Wiesbaden, first exhibition in Wiesbaden City Hall


2010 Individual exhibition in the art trade RSA Antiquitäten Wiesbaden


2011-2017 Master's degree in art history, ethnology, classical archeology - Goethe University Frankfurt: Thesis with the focus on ecological art - underwater art - ARTificial reefs. Sustainable form of ecological art?


2012-2013 curatorial assistant in the exhibition room bestregarts Frankfurt am Main


Since 2012 activities in curatorial assistance, independent work as a freelance artist


2014-2016 solo exhibition, Residenztheater Mainz


2016 freelance work during the exhibition RundUmSchlag. The diversity of Russian book art. in the Klingspor Museum Offenbach am Main


2016 Solo exhibition and redesign, AWO Braunschweig


2017 group exhibition Weel to Wall , Neurotitan Berlin


2018 Creative implementation, workshop / event implementation with in-house gallery + studios in the Artcaden project in the Wilmersdorfer Arcaden Berlin


2018 Temporary use art project Harter Tobak - design, workshops, art market, GraffitiJam - former Reemtsma cigarette factory, Schmargendorf-Berlin


2018 group exhibition Harter Tobak / Kaleidoscopic journey - Berlin Art Week


2019 group exhibition VDJ Kollektiv Festival, Ballsaalstudio Berlin


2019 group exhibition, artbase Festival , Neustrelitz


2021 Virtual Exhibition, The Holy Art, MONUMENTUM

2021 Virtual exhibition, Despised, Kunsthaus Rozig


Interested in live painting sessions and design assignments of all kinds.

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